The Muse of the Maze
a novel by Larry Buttrose

Jack Driscoll, a young Australian poet, goes to Spain hoping to obtain a poet's blessing from Robert Graves, who lives on Mallorca. The story unfolds through Jack's encounters with three separate women from three different worlds.

Stranded in Barcelona, he embarks on an emotional and artistic odyssey that flings him into an adventure with overtones of classical tragedy and shadowed by the concept of the triple Muse, as espoused by Graves in The White Goddess.

The novel is set in the mid-1970s when the BBC was making the I Claudius series, which popularised Graves's work as poet, novelist, classicist and critical thinker, with a large new international readership.

When BryshaWilson Press approached author Larry Buttrose for the publishing rights to re-issue his novel The Maze of the Muse (originally published in 1998 by Flamingo, an imprint of HarperCollins) as an eBook, he revisited the manuscript and revised it extensively. The result is a distinctly new book, which also includes an Afterword telling the true story of the author's meeting with Robert Graves in 1976. In recognition of all this, the new edition has been renamed The Muse of the Maze.

The samples below for Kindle and Kobo apps are more comprehensive than those automatically generated on the Amazon and Kobo shop sites. They include the openings of chapters 1 and 5, as well as several portions of chapter 2, the opening of the Memoir in the Afterword, and About the Author. This identical content is also in the iBooks sample both here and at the iBooks Store.

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