Pause for Thought

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Most of us are always rushing, racing from here to there, whether in an anxious frenzy or with determined purpose. Why? The answers are as varied as our propelled persons but we rarely take the time to stop and ask, does it always have to be like that? Read More...

Matters of Life and Death


In our fast-paced modern world powered by busy lives we just skim over everything, racing breathlessly from one day to the next until we drop dead. What happens then? no doubt we have all wondered at some point. Larry Buttrose reflects on this in his poem Eternity (Selected Poems, BryshaWilson Press, 2017). Read More...

PacPrint 2017


The digital revolution of the last 30 years has radically changed the way printing is done and what is printed. There is no easier way to track the changes than by regularly attending a print industry trade show like PacPrint 2017 (23–26 May, Melbourne Exhibition Centre), which is held every four years. Read More...

Tricks of the strong imagination

Immortal shakespeare

When Shakespeare was composing Richard III, he relied heavily on Sir Edmund de Fraude’s memoir The Kinge and I (1488), which was still available during the Bard’s day, in French translation, as Le roi et moi. Richard III trusted very few, so it fell on Sir Edmund (1447–1502) to serve his king as both valet cum butler and second in battle.

New edition of ‘Lyrebird’ has 340+ images

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Producing the new eBook edition of Barry Kitcher’s popular memoir From Gaolbird to Lyrebird—a life in Australian ballet (BryshaWilson Press, 2016), enabled us to include not only the photos that didn’t make it into the hard print first edition (Front Page, 2001) but also several hundred other images from Kitcher’s private collection of photographs, programmes and scrapbooks.
In fact, the eBook has over 340 images, compared with around 100 in the 2001 printed book.