Reading our eBooks

In offering our authors Digital Rights Management (DRM) for their eBooks, we need to use retail sites like Amazon and Kobo, which apply DRM to the books so that the files cannot be copied easily.

While both Amazon and Kobo also sell their dedicated eReaders, available on line and in shops that sell electronic gadgets, you do not need them if you prefer to use your tablet, smart phone or desktop computer. Amazon and Kobo offer free apps for any device and operating system, be it android, Apple or Windows.

There are apps to suit you whether you like to read on a big screen, a small screen, on the go, lounging about or squarely seated. The DRM reading software offers some options for customising the display of text size, page flow and screen background colour, which is a matter of personal preference and deciding what works best for you.

If you are not yet a reader of eBooks or do not already have an Amazon or Kobo account, you can decide which one to go with by setting up accounts with both retailers, downloading the apps appropriate to your preferred viewing device and then downloading some of the many free books Amazon and Kobo offer their customers. Then simply decide which you like best. You may also find it valuable to take a look at eReaders in a shop.

While both Amazon and Kobo offer samples of the books they sell, to get a true sample of how the eBook looks, you need to download the sample to your device and look at it in the Amazon (Kindle) or Kobo apps. The Kindle and Kobo samples are generated by the retailers and are limited to a chronological run of a number of pages from the books. The samples on our web site, which are also generated in the respective apps, offer a more representative range of what is in each book.