Barry Kitcher, Ballet Veteran Author, Turns 87

Barry Kitcher, whose popular memoir From Gaolbird to Lyrebird was reissued last year by BryshaWilson Press as an eBook, featuring over 300 photos ($11.99, available from Amazon, iBooks and Kobo), today celebrates his 87th birthday. The Borovansky Ballet veteran and founding member of The Australian Ballet spent his whole working life employed in theatre of various types. On retirement he glanced back and decided to write a memoir of the historic times through which he had lived. That was more than 20 years ago. He published the book at the turn of this century and over time sold out!

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New edition of ‘Lyrebird’ has 340+ images

Producing the new eBook edition of Barry Kitcher’s popular memoir From Gaolbird to Lyrebird—a life in Australian ballet (BryshaWilson Press, 2016), enabled us to include not only the photos that didn’t make it into the hard print first edition (Front Page, 2001) but also several hundred other images from Kitcher’s private collection of photographs, programmes and scrapbooks. In fact, the eBook has over 340 images, compared with around 100 in the 2001 printed book.

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On Poets and Dancers as Heroes

The first blog written for the BryshaWilson Press launch was about a love of books but on reflection more burning topics presented themselves. The chief of these is the question of why you would spend the best part of a year setting up a book-publishing venture when the market place is buried in mountains of books being churned out by vast numbers of publishers all aggressively competing for every cent of the book-buying buck to be scrounged from the big wide world of readers.

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