New Name for New Book

When we approached author Larry Buttrose for the publishing rights to re-issue his novel The Maze of the Muse—originally published in 1998 by Flamingo, an imprint of HarperCollins—as an eBook, he revisited the manuscript and revised it extensively. The result is a distinctly new book but because we initially kept its original name, the eBook was being confused with the old paperback. To distinguish the new from the old, the eBook is now renamed The Muse of the Maze.

The new edition of this novel, about a young Australian poet’s attempts to obtain a poet’s blessing from Robert Graves, also includes an Afterword telling the true story of the author’s meeting with Robert Graves in 1976. While many works of fiction find their inspiration in real events, or take their cue from them, it is a great rarity to find the fiction and the fact presented side by side. As such, The Muse of the Maze offers a fascinating insight into the art of writing and the handling of subject matter as fiction and fact. The image on the cover is from a photograph of Deya, Mallorca, which Larry Buttrose took forty years ago when he visited Graves, whose home was there.

Those who purchased the eBook under its old name will find their file unchanged and remaining live despite its removal from Amazon and Kobo. If anyone encounters a problem in this regard please contact us immediately. The only difference between the two eBooks is the name. Apart from the second version acknowledging the name change, the rest of the content is identical and both versions are lodged with the National Library of Australia.